Wedding Photo: How to Tell You Found the Right Photographer

Weddings are becoming increasingly extravagant and unforgettable, which is why capturing the moment is vital. Each wedding has to be picture-worthy because it is a moment straight out of a fairytale. This is the reason choosing the right photographer is important, and the following tips may help.

Eye for Composition

It is important your photographer pays attention to composition. This is not to say that your photographer cannot take chances, but this is a good way to know if your photographer is good. He or she should make sure every object in the frame is purposeful, which usually means it has to highlight the main object in the photograph. Again, this is not a rule, but it is a good indicator.

An Emotional Moment

The fact is that human beings are emotional beings, which should be important to your photographer. A good sign of a talented individual is his or her ability to capture emotions. What you want to see is a natural moment of laughter between the happy couple or an intimate moment between lovers. Having the eye to recognize how special these emotions are is pretty important, so look for that.


Capturing a moment is one thing, but capturing a story in a still photograph is another. There are many photographers that can not only capture beauty or mood but also a story in a frame. You have to look at each photographer’s portfolio when you search for wedding photographers near me. What you want to see is a story in each frame, like the sight of a beautiful bride looking for her beloved in a sea of people. These are the kinds of images that some photographers should be able to offer you. Some call this type of photography photojournalism just to let you know.

Imaginative and Iconic

A photographer who is talented should be able to capture a few iconic or imaginative moments during your wedding. These moments make you imagine something else or see something majestic. This could be a beautiful shot of a couple inside a vintage phone booth or an image of both of you in the middle of fireflies. There are some photographers who like to capture images using juxtaposition, for example, taking a wedding picture in the middle of a subway. The idea is that you want a photographer who can take the kind of chances that could create a photograph that the inner-artist inside of you is going to appreciate.

These are just some of the ways you can tell that you are talking to a photographer that might know what he or she is doing. You might also want to ask how long he or she has been taking photographs, or ask to see testimonies from people just like you who have already gone through the experience and enjoyed the work of the photographer. Hopefully, some of these points help guide you in the right direction, which will ensure this aspect of your wedding is perfect.