Traditional Etiquette For Formal And Informal Wedding Invitation Suites (4)

Wedding Invitation WordingCheck with your officiant for type specifics but traditionally—​if a pair marries in a house of worship, the request line wording reads request the dignity”. Also, the best way my mother and father’ marriages and my relationships with my stepparents work, my stepmom actually ought to be named, however my stepdad much less so (and wouldn’t have wished to be), but I cannot identify my dad and stepmom and then just my mother and never my stepdad… (any kids of divorced dad and mom wish to give an amen right here?!

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Bride’s father’s first bride’s father’s last” alone on the host line and didn’t assume anything of it. If it have been the groom’s of us as a substitute, I might be aware it (because it is each atypical these days and never traditional), however again, I’d just assume that the groom’s parents were hosting for whatever motive.

If the ceremony is to be held in a church it’s proper to make use of the phrase, request the respect of your presence.” If the ceremony is to be held on non-spiritual grounds, alternative wording reminiscent of request the pleasure of your company” is suitable.

If your wedding ceremony reception is being held at the identical location as your wedding ceremony ceremony, a separate reception card will not be needed – it’s tremendous to notice Reception to comply with” or Dinner and dancing to comply with” on the marriage invitation.