The Do’s and Don’ts of Bridal Hair Extensions

If you’re considering getting extensions just for your wedding day, then you may want to try temporary methods for adding hair. Bonding is temporary but involves applying a special glue to your hair.

Another thing to consider is the test run: every bride wants the security of a test run before her big day. You won’t want to wait until right before your wedding to do the bonding; what if it doesn’t look right? But if you did your test run a month or two before, then you’d have to cover the cost — and possible damage — of putting them in, taking them out, putting them in.

Bridal hair extensions DOs

DO find multicolour extensions, not hair that’s one solid shade. Find an extension brand that offers multi-level colouration like —this means that each shade features seven to 11 different colours, which are hand-blended to look totally natural, just like your own hair.

You can even play with colour and add extensions that are one to two shades lighter or darker, to create high or low-lights. DO curl your real hair and the extensions together. This ensures that your natural hair and the extensions are completely blended in for a seamless look and that your hair looks like it’s all your own (only better).

Styling Tip

Set your curling iron at a cool 350 degrees, and alternate curling 1-inch sections from the front to the back, for a more natural look.

DO make sure you wash and condition your set of extensions before your wedding day. This can be done to both human hair and synthetic extensions. Let them air dry. Washing your extensions will get rid of any build up and ensure that they’ll be clean for your big day.

Bridal hair extensions DON’Ts

DON’T use too much hair! Using too many extensions can look unnatural and will also be uncomfortable. You want to make sure you still look like yourself on your wedding day. Try clipping in just one set that will add both volume and the desired length. You might see that it’s all you need.

DON’T clip in extensions too close to your hairline. If you do, they will be very uncomfortable and can also slip out too easily. It’s best to clip them 1/2 an inch away from your scalp and at least 2 inches away from your hairline.

Styling Tip

First tease the area and spray with a hairspray to create some grip for the extensions. This grip will allow the clips to hold on to your hair better and will avoid slippage.

DON’T blunt-cut extensions. If extensions are cut straight across, they will not have any body or shape, and you will look like you’re wearing extensions. To make sure that your extensions look the most natural, ask your hairstylist to attach them to your natural hair and then cut them to fit your look. No one will ever ask if you are wearing extensions on your big day, but everyone will give you compliments on your hair!