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Why is it Necessary to Create Environmental Awareness. Imparting knowledge to the people on what their surrounding means and the need to preserve it is referred to as environmental awareness. The Things that are found around us makes the environment. Putting banners in the streets, educating people in schools, churches, local women groups, during holidays, through media and in hospitals are some of the ways of creating public awareness. It is for the purpose of ensuring that we live free from dangers of dirty environment. Creating public awareness of the need to conserve the environment comes with many advantages. It has led to reduction in diseases. Environment that is free from contamination, and toxic gases will deter you from contracting the unnecessary illness. Trees absorb the toxic gases in the air using it in photosynthesis so the larger the number of trees the higher the rate of absorption. Stagnant waters act as breeding grounds for mosquitoes and draining them is going to destroy them thus reducing the chances of contracting malaria. Malaria kills millions of people in the world. Living organisms that are found in the soil are also going to be safe since pollution is going to be controlled. Another the benefit of environmental education is an increase in agricultural production. For crops to thrive well they need enough rainfall. Avoiding deforestation and encouraging people to plant more trees is going to result in the increase of rainfall. Since trees act as the water catchment when water evaporates through respiration it forms clouds which eventually falls as rain. The greater the amount of rain the larger the number of trees. When there is enough food this going to prevent nutritional deficiency diseases and in turn boost the health of individuals.
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Environmental awareness is also going to result in economic growth. Manufacturing industries that use soft trees as a raw material for the manufacture of paper are going to develop. Paper produced from the manufacturers can also be used in other related industries to create books and also in printing industries to provide things like calendars. As a result the living standards of the people are going to rise and in turns boosts the economy of the country. Apart from that recycling the plastics and polythene bags are also going to help in boosting the economy of the country by creating jobs.
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There is going to be supply of enough and clean water. Afforestation and reafforestation is going to imp[rove water cycle thus resulting in high amount of rainfall throughout the year and water is life. Since they are the high amount of rainfall people will drink and use drinking water that is safe from viruses and bacteria.