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Dark Web: The Other Side Of The Internet

Dark web is a part of the internet where only those users that has a special software could access. After entering this side of the internet using the special software, users could then access dark websites using a web browser just like in a normal web.

Although, there are a lot dark web sites that stays hidden and they are not accessible using a search engine as they have not been indexed and access is only limited to those who knew the site address. The dark web is also a haven for dark net markets, a specialized market involving illegal trades usually of drugs and firearms and are paid using the crypto currency bitcoin.

Dark web even contains assassination markets which are generally crowdfunded, and anyone with access to it could request for an assassination mission at a certain price.
A 10-Point Plan for Guides (Without Being Overwhelmed)

The fact that dark web users are provided with the advantage of total anonymity, a lot of organizations and individuals use it to stay hidden from the intrusive eyes of law enforcement and the government itself. On the bright side, the dark web are also used by a few whistle blowers to provide tips to journalists. Still, the dark web is a safe haven for all kinds of culprits wanting to maintain secrecy in their trades such as terrorists, pedophiles and other kinds of criminals.
A 10-Point Plan for Guides (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Entering The Dark Web

Dark web can be accessed in several different ways which includes using I2P, Freenet and Tor software. The Onion Router, also known as Tor is considered as the most popular way in accessing the darknet as it is the easiest to use among all the software used in accessing the darknet. Tor is a software package bundle which includes web browsers that are specifically designed for use on dark net.

The anonymity and secrecy of the user is maintained by Tor software through relaying every passing message to Tor configured computers referred to as Tor relays. Since the messages bounces from one server node to another, tracking of message sources is difficult as the address of the message sender and receiver is only pointed to the last node that passed the message.

Tor uses onion addresses in order to further mask the content of a web address unlike the conventional ones. Specialized search engine versions are even developed for Tor services in order to return onion address results.

Tor no matter the encryption is still not entirely considered anonymous. Getting user information on individuals accessing a specific website could still be done through the use of shared information such as the username and the email address of each user. People who wants to maintain complete anonymity needs to employ special services to completely hide their identity.