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Is a Chef’s Uniform that Important? It amazes us to see how wild it can get inside the kitchen just so an order can be prepared, arranged, assembled and delivered to a beautiful fine quality plate. It is unusual for practicing Chefs to wear another color than white since white displays the purity of the environment where the food is prepared. There has got to be a very good reason why the Chef’s uniform is as it is today based on history and circumstances of the past.
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A professional kitchen has workers in a professional uniform which is the Chef uniform.
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People love watching different types of cooking shows on the television and on the internet to witness how a sumptuous meal reaches it’s final form. Chef’s are like kitchen heroes who orchestrates every that happens in the kitchen in order to save your hungry stomach. Workers in the kitchen look cool and calm despite the action happening in the kitchen and the calmness is brought about by the color of their uniform. It would seem really chaotic if the kitchen people frantically trying to finish an order are on their toes in a very fast-paced movement and are not in their uniforms. It would really be interesting to point out that the very parts of a Chef’s uniform are designed for a purpose and were not just part of fashion. Therefore, each part of a Chef’s uniform has it’s purpose. The first part of the uniform would have to be the Chef’s white coat. The white coat implores the cleanliness of the kitchen and the food. The Chef’s uniform is usually thick which covers and protects the check from the heat produced by the stove or the oven. The Chef’s arms and body are covered by the Chef’s white coat to avoid burns from splattering oils and other liquids. Hiding the stains on the white coat is the purpose behind the double-breasted jacket. Chef’s jackets used to have cloth buttons which were found to endure time and the heat without melting. The sleeves of the Chef’s jacket has transition over time, now being available in both short sleeves and long sleeves. There are even Chef’s jackets that have three-fourths sleeves. The design of the piping also varies. Most Chef’s pants are checkered. In order to conceal the dirt and the stains, the Chef’s pants are in checkered black and white color. Various designs and colors of Chef’s pants are now available in the market. But they are still most likely to be dark in color for the same reason of hiding the dirt.