Pregnant & Discover Legian Bali

Pregnant & Discover Legian Bali. If you are pregnant, but will conduct long trips should certainly be considered first condition of your pregnancy. Actually there are no restrictions for pregnant women to travel far but with the body condition of the two entities that are vulnerable and susceptible to fatigue, the need for special attention so that they would not avoid things like unwanted complications or bleeding due to fatigue. If your doctor has allowed to travel a lot then you can get ready to go. But before it was noticed some of the following tips to make your trip during pregnancy to be more safe and comfortable:

1. Medical Examination

Prior to travel far, the examination content are important things that must be done for pregnant women. It is intended to determine the condition of pregnancy if strong enough, or is very weak to be invited to travel far. Be sure to get the accurate medical examination before a long trip. If possible, also would be good to have travel insurance which can protect the pregnancy from various possibilities such as medical care during childbirth, if a premature delivery and the cost of the return trip if at any time you give birth in a place of interest

2. Selection of Time Travel

The best time to travel far when pregnant is when entering the 14-28 week gestation. The fetus is strong but not too big so not too grueling mother’s journey away. Better look for information in advance about the treatment facilities at the destination if one time you need medical help urgently. Do not forget to bring your medical records so that it can provide relevant information on the history of pregnancy doctors there.

3. Stresses Convenience

When performing a long journey pregnant when you try to bring or wear equipment that provides comfort. Footwear for better use shoes or sandals without the right so that the foot does not get sick. To use the clothes comfortable clothes, not tight and absorbing sweat to prevent overheating. Then bring essential goods, not too many congenital and eventually trouble yourself.

Find a comfortable sitting position and sit relaxed. Think positive during the trip will be more soothing. Similarly to the previous remind the driver to take the vehicle carefully, ask to avoid potholes and damaged roads so your trip not disturbed. You also can while listening to music. Slow music can make you and the baby becomes more relaxed and calm during the trip

4. Bring Food and Drink

Try to always bring their own food and drink when traveling away. This is because the more assured of cleanliness and health. If you are frequently experiencing morning sickness then you are required to bring a snack to prevent vomiting. You also do not know if at any time feel hungry. If you prepare snacks from home would have you choose snacks that are nutritious and harmless to the content, be different if you are in a hurry to buy out the nutritional content is uncertain. Similarly, the drinks, the better carrying bottled drinks on the house to make it more practical and guaranteed security.