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Introduction of New Building Plans. Many urban cities worldwide have a reached a phase where they have been forced to add new houses. Not only are urban areas adding more houses but are also changing the designs used to construct both business building and residential units. This process involves coming up with new technologies and materials for developing new apartments and where possible changing plans of existing buildings. Some of the reasons for new properties construction are. To provide more residential units for the increasing growth of urban areas population. Towns usually have a high number of people and also many more people relocate to the town areas on regular basis. One group of people moving to urban areas are students, this because major campuses are in urban areas, therefore need to have residential units that can host the high number of students. Students are flexible are have no income thus hostels rooms should have more beds to lower the rental cost. Other groups relocate to urban centers as there are more job opportunities. With this there will be demand for more residential properties. Causing city planners to implement multiple floors residential apartments. To be line with the recent innovations. Business building and residential apartments are adopting the upcoming building plans. New designs have considered some construction materials to be obsolete and provided replacements for them. Current city business premises layout is the construction of large space to host several businesses instead of each business being a different location. Shopping malls with numerous different services and product sellers are becoming popular in many towns. Also businesses are changing their operations procedures which also cause the business to remodel its operation area layout. The new construction design are also putting emphasizes on environmental protection. Therefore have plans to construct the units with as many windows as possible, to facilitate the use of natural sunlight during the day. Also the new construction design are focusing on the use of solar panels to provide energy in the building.
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Properties designs also take into account that there is scarcity of land in towns. Many cities in the world are already congested, thus it is very difficult to find any vacant land. Therefore making the city developing authorities to deny approval to building plans request which they deem are misusing the limited land available. This have seen parking areas being allocated on the basement of both commercial and residential properties.
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Urban areas are being renovated by demolition of old building to new high capacity apartments. This are made the cities look more renewed and has created even more jobs to the residents. In addition the new plans have come up with better garbage disposal ways making the city more clean.