How to Plan a Wedding in Thailand

Whether you want a low key and laid back wedding or a large beach wedding where all your whims are catered for, Thailand is perfect for you. There are numerous islands in Thailand where you can find the hospitality you need, including tropical cuisines, and exotic sunset views to die for. The numerous wedding hotels in Bangkok will provide you and your guests with the perfect accommodations. Planning a great wedding away from home does not have to be as expensive and tough as people assume. You just need to know the tips and tricks to use to make your wedding in Thailand successful.

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Know the Seasons

There are three seasons in Thailand.  These seasons vary distinctly from region to region. It is therefore wise to consider the climatic conditions at the time you will be hosting your wedding. Remember that the season you choose will determine the costs of items at the destinations. During the off season you can easily find great discounts at the venues you select.


It is advised that all visitors should visit a doctor and must be advised of the health risks of the specific regions they will be visiting. The last thing you want is to have a great wedding and a terrible honeymoon or have your wedding destroyed by diseases that could have been prevented. Depending on your duration of stay and the risk factors outlined by your doctor, you will need several immunizations.

Travel Documents

In Thailand, you are not required to have a visa as long as your duration of stay does not exceed 30 days.  You also need to have a six-month validity on your passport.  These rules are subject to occasional changes. You are therefore required to check with the local Thai consulate to ensure that you do not break any rules. As long as you do not collide with the law of the areas you will be staying; you will have a peaceful and fun wedding. A religious ceremony with two people saying “I do” does not officiate a marriage. You must adhere to all the legalities and paperwork which means visiting your embassies, filling out the necessary paperwork and waiting for the confirmations.  This will take at most seven days.


Language may be an issue if you are having your wedding in Thailand. Even with people speaking your native language, the process of planning a wedding can be horrendous at best. So, you see how difficult it can be to plan one in Thailand. You need to learn the basics, courtesy and their culture. Thailand is full of great people who are always willing to be helpful. You, however, need to show you made an effort.

Hire a Local Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner takes a lot of stress from the planning process. One thing you will love about Thailand’s wedding planners is that they are very open to new ideas. They will combine both eastern and western traditions without any hassle. They want something out of the ordinary for you.

Getting married in Thailand can be tons of fun.  Keep this advice in mind and it should go well.