How To Have An Alternative Wedding

In the past, weddings weren’t such a big deal. Oftentimes, they’d be a small affair held at the local church, with a gathering of friends and family afterward. Go back even further to where what we commonly think of as a wedding originated, and you find pagan handfasting’s, which were ceremonies held with a small gathering of family and friends, often in nature, where the ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ would make very simple vows and have their hands tied together to symbolize unity.

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Nowadays, weddings are a big thing, there’s a whole industry built up around them and there’s no shame in going all-out when it comes to your big day. However, this has brought with it somewhat of a samey-samey feeling, in which it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and find your unique experience. This brings many to feel like they want a more alternative wedding that truly represents their values and their experiences as a couple. With a little research, you can find examples of weddings held on cliff-faces or on ships or devoted to Keeping Up With The Kardashians – just about every alternative method of having a wedding you can think of. But how do you actually go about planning and having an alternative wedding?

Think About Your Values And What Makes You Unique

The first step to your alternative wedding is to think deeply, together, about your values and what makes you unique. What is important to you, what has played a meaningful role in your life, what has shaped you both individually and as a couple? There are lots of different themes and elements you can incorporate into your wedding. Maybe you’re both animal lovers and can incorporate animals and vegan food into your wedding. Or maybe you both love to surf and can have a surf-themed wedding. It’s all up to you and what is truly and deeply important to you, so think hard about it. If anything, this is the most important step

Create A Vision Board

The next step is to create a vision board. Many people choose to skip this step, and neglect how powerful and important it can actually be! A vision board is a place for you to collate all of the inspirational pictures, quotes, and ideas that you want to incorporate either partially or fully into your alternative wedding. Pinterest is an amazing resource for this, and if you just type in ‘alternative weddings’ you see tonnes of ideas pop up.

Find A Good Wedding Planner

The third and final step is to find the right wedding planner, who can cater for your alternative needs. The right wedding planner will listen to you, understand your wants and desires, but also inspire and facilitate you.

Have It Custom Made

You may also want to have some of the elements of your wedding custom made. A lot of people choose to buy their wedding dresses through fast-fashion, and many end up having the same or very similar dresses. Although it may be more expensive, having unique items on your wedding day can make the event all the more special.

Having an alternative wedding is different for everyone by nature. Hopefully, this article inspired you to create your own unique and incredible wedding!