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How to Polish a Marble Floor

Polished marble is always stunning in any house or office, so it’s very important to maintain its great look. There are many different marble polishing techniques, but every one of them requires precision as well as great care. The scale of the task and marble condition will both determine what equipment and process you should use. There are all sorts of sizes, from large polishing machines to small hand buffers. Figuring out the needs of your marble floors is vital for affordable polishing.

No matter what technique you use to polish your marble, first make sure that the marble’s clean and has no debris, grime, or dirt. You should do this using a mild cleaning agent, or some water with a mop. Ensure that the marble’s totally dry prior to starting the polishing process.

You can do the polishing yourself if the job is quite small. But it requires some knowledge and care. If you cannot do the job yourself, you can hire a marble polishing expert. If you elect to do the job yourself, make sure to use a hand buffer with its buffing pads. Begin by applying some marble stripper on the surface. And in case your house is tiled, clear the grout found between tiles. After you finish with the stripping, rinse your marble floor a few times using clean water and mop. Be sure to remove all traces of stripper from your equipment before starting to polish. This will help the process go on well.
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On the buffer, put some clean pad and start to apply the marble polish in three-by-three areas. To do this, apply marble polish sprays two times on the surface at a time, as you buff the floor from side to side till it’s dry. Repeat this in sections. When you’re finished with the entire area, go from section to section again, adding another coat.
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Repeat these steps till your marble attains your favorite level of shine–you may need to apply about three coats in this case. Make sure to exercise some patience throughout the whole process and make certain that the whole area has got an even shine. Do not buff the marble excessively and rush the process. This could result in scratches or damage. You’ll have to manually do the corners, with some steel wool pad. After the entire area is done, wipe it using a clean, dry mop to get rid of the residue and shavings.

For bigger jobs, like marble floors, be sure to contact a flooring contractor. It’s extremely difficult to have an even shine on such a large marble area, and professionals have large, highly efficient equipment to complete this job effectively. However, be sure to use a reliable contractor. Your marble floors need to be treated carefully because they’re a huge investment.