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Potentially Costly Mistakes an Auto Accident Victim Must Avoid Vehicle accidents may happen pretty fast, at times causing plenty of damage and injury within seconds. Regardless of who is at fault for the accident, the immediate effect is usually anxiety, making you vulnerable to making a bad call only to fret over it later. Below are certain wrong moves you should resist if involved in a car accident, no matter if you or the other party is liable: Admit Liability
How I Achieved Maximum Success with Experts
Never admit liability for a car accident, unless your attorney advises so. Regardless of how hard you’re pressed by the other driver’s insurer, just never claim to think you caused it. This does not mean you don’t care, you’re just guarding yourself against likely severe consequences for fault, including wrongful death litigation if somebody died following the accident. Granted, you may feel some guilt in case you were texting and without concentration at the specific point of accident, but it’s also possible that the other driver is liable, and was likely speeding or not driving on their lane.
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Talk to the Other Driver’s Insurer Without Your Attorney Your welfare is protected only when you rely on your personal injury lawyer to engage the other driver’s insurance firm. Frankly, the other driver’s insurer is not focused on your best interests, even when they’re not breaking the law in side-stepping your counsel when coming to you. Fortunately for you, the law does not require you to tell the insurer anything. So, get in touch with your personal injury attorney as soon as you can and have them take charge of your interests going forward. Flee the Scene of Accident It’s a felony to flee the scene of accident where someone has been injured or died. So, whether you think you’re liable or not, stay and exchange details with the other driver or property owner, and avoid making a dire situation worse than it is already. Fail to Obtain Evidence From the Scene Surely, you should first get treated and cared for depending on the nature of car accident injuries sustained. However, if you’re able, take photographs of the accident site and engage witnesses prior to exiting. If there are uninjured passengers, or your attorney can come quickly, they all can help get information that may later help strengthen your case. Your attorney can rely on the information they receive from witnesses when assessing the issue of fault. It also helps to review the police report as it may confirm what you’re saying about the accident. If involved in a vehicle accident, avoid anxiety as well as any decision that may hurt your interests. But if not sure about what to do, just contact a personal injury lawyer.