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Facts You Did Not Know About Flowers

Flowers tend to be one of the best thing that ever happened to the world. When offered as gifts, flowers tend to bring live and joy among many people. The aesthetic and therapeutic value of flowers is remarkable. Most people tend to use flowers to express their emotions. One would also need to note that different flowers and different flower counts tend to send different messages. Individuals define a florist with their art of floral presentation. Flowers bring life to the very sad environment of the funerals. There are some deep secrets that most individuals have no idea about.

To begin with, you would be amazed to know that titan arum tends to be the smallest flower in the world and tends to emit a stink similar to that of a corpse. The smell of the titan arum flower is similar to that of a corpse. It is quite amazing to learn that we can have a flower that can grow as high as three meters.

Many people really love the tulips flower due to their high aesthetic value. One may also need to know that tulips tend to be one of the best-selling flowers. The 17th century goes in history as the century when tulips were highly bought. It would also be essential to note that tulips may be used in place of onions in recipes. You would be amazed at how some friends can appreciate a bouquet of tulips as a gift. Gladiolus has its name originate from the swords gladiators used in battles.

One may also need to know that there tend to be hundreds of thousands of species of flowers scientists have discovered. You would be amazed to note that there as many as 270,000 species of flowers across the world. Of the flower species, there tend to be more than 35,000 species of roses.

One may also need to know that the oldest flower in history was discovered in 2002. The flower in question also known as archaefructus sinensis is estimated to have bloomed more than 125 million years ago and is also believed to have bloomed in China.
Gas plant is yet another flower one may need to know of. One may be amazed to note that the gas plant tend to emit a colorless gas with some people believing that the gas produced can be ignited. The Egyptian also associated it with resurrection bearing in mind that it is capable of lying dormant for years and resurrecting the moment the ground becomes damp enough.

One may also need to know of sunflower as a flower that tends to love the sun and tend to change direction as the sun moves from the east to the west. Agave plant tends to live all its live without flowers but the moment it blooms, it dies. Moon flowers, on the other hand, tend to bloom only under the moonlight.

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