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Factors to Consider When Renovating Your Home Getting permits and approvals for building property takes times. You might need to appear in front of a board of supervisors or co-op institution of your homeowners. You might have to be at the buildings department so that you can get it done. Expect to get hit with a fee for time spent, in case you’ve got your builder get the approvals and licenses for you. This is because it is work away from the job site for the contractor. When it’s a major job, including a kitchen or toilet makeover or a basement renovation, the contractor will deal with finding out how much it will cost to get approvals and then handle it. If it is a minor job, the builder may request to be paid by the hour or tell you to get the permit yourself. Should you receive the permits b yourself, you will be able to save some money.
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You will be asked to give the constructor’s name. The building department may not be too open to the idea of you doing the work yourself saying that they prefer a contractor to get the work done. There is absolutely no law that says you can’t do the job yourself. Once the job is done, the building department may require that you sign a statement indicating that you live at home and will continue to live there yourself. This type of statement is very important when you are doing work which involves electricity, gas or plumbing. The residency requirement creates the assumption that you will perform a great job if you are likely to occupy the property.
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Is there any importance of doing a survey? Yes, because a survey will help you determine the boundary lines that exist. It can be essential in rural regions, where land lines are not easy discerned, particularly when buying a piece of land. When renovating, if you’re currently adding a room or maybe a fireplace that enlarges the outside perimeter of your home, a survey might be beneficial or even a necessity. This might infringe on the space of your neighbour. However, you cannot tell unless you know the exact property line if you are on someone else’s property. Be careful not to assume where a property line is. It doesn’t mean it is a property line if the fence is between two neighbours. As is the case when the barrier follows the lay of the land rather than the property line the fence might be a foot or more on a single property. But if you are not sure, always call in a surveyor.