Differences Cake With Bread

Cake and Bread we must have heard it very often. With the increasing number of stores that sell both types of food. Often when we enter the store to buy it we originally ask the waiters. We say it would buy bread that turned out that we bought was the type of cake or vice versa. Then miss merchants smile own smile. Well, let us not look in the world culinary couple here we explain the difference cake and bread.


According to Wikipedia is usually called bolu cake is a cake made from wheat flour, eggs, and sugar. Sponge cake or cake usually mature right by baking but there are also steamed, for example, steamed sponge, and others.

Meanwhile, according to U.S Wheat Associats (1983). The cake comes from liquid dough main ingredients of butter, margarine, egg, sugar, flour, milk, tbm, and other complementary materials. In line with the opinion, Subagjo (1997) cake is a baked dough made from flour, sugar, salt, developer, shortening, milk, egg and flavor enhancer.

While the type of cake products include:

  • Layer Cake

Layer Cake is around or box-shaped cake made into several layers such as sandwiches, then the layers are filled with a variety of stuffing and the entire surface is covered with buttercream, jam, chocolate or other ingredients. Examples of products: Layer Devil Cake, Blueberry Cake Layer, Italian Liqueur Cake, Sacher Torte Cake and more.

  • Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake is a cake derived from Sponge Cake or Butter Cake that covered with buttercream, almond paste, or chocolate. Which then in ornamental premises other materials. This cake is usually served at birthdays. Example products: Italian Liqueur Cake, Blackforest Cake, Apricot Almond Gateau, Orange Cake and others.

  • Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is actually similar to Birthday Cake but more creations of decoration and toping it.


According to Wikipedia bread is the main food made from wheat flour and water, which is fermented with yeast or often we call yeast. And its protein content is higher than that of cake, so bread becomes the staple food in a large part of the western country.

Meanwhile, according to U.S Wheat Associates (1981) in The Book of The World of Bread History (2004). Bread is a processed food product that is the result of a baked dough baked paste process. The main ingredients in bread making consist of high protein flour, water, yeast, and salt. While flavor and bread softener ingredients such as sugar, milk, fat and eggs while yeast and Bread Improver serves to strengthen glutes and extend the shelf life of bread.

While Bread Products Include:

  • Sweet bread

Sweet bread is a food made from bread dough but added a variety of flavors and aromas that have a prominent sweet taste and soft texture with or without stuffing.

  • White bread

Bread is a type of bread made with sugar and fat content averaging under 10% and soft texture (soft) tasteless and usually in consumption by adding other food or burned first.

  • Country Bread

Country Bread or often called Continental bread is bread made with or without sugar and margarine in its recipe, this bread is textured crispy and crunchy skin consisting of 5 main ingredients: Flour, yeast (yeast, salt, water and or without improver. : French Bread, Roll Bread, Vienna and others.

  • Rye Bread

Rey Bread is a hard textured kind of bread made from rye flour with a long enough fermentation process (12-24 hours) and usually added acid in its dough. This bread is very much in Germany and Italy.

  • Grain Bread

Grain Bread or often called Whole Wheat is a bread made from whole grain seeds are milled or from other grains such as oats, barley or sunflower seeds.

So essentially it turns out the cake and bread are indeed different although a bit similar but the way of processing, materials, taste, and shape are clearly different.