Completely Unique Wedding Gifts

If you have friends or relatives that are getting married and you are looking to get them a memorable wedding gift, but want to avoid the same old stuff that people always buy for newly-weds, we can help. Particularly if the couple in question have not filled out a gift registry and you have the chance to get them something that has genuine thought and creativity behind it.

In the following post we will look at several unique ideas for wedding gifts that are anything but boring.

Personalised Bedding

This may be a bit too personal for some newly-weds, but if you are a close friend of the couple it can be a fun and quirky idea. Having their names and possibly even shared surname on their sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases is a bit of a fun and a nice way for them to have something small and meaningful for them as a couple.

An Awesome Kitchen Gadget or Set

If the couple in question are big foodies and enjoy preparing and cooking meals together, they will appreciate being gifted an awesome kitchen gadget or set for their big day. It’s also a great choice of gift if they are only moving in together properly after the big day as it means that their newly shared kitchen will have something extra special in it.

Think spiralizer, juicer or even just a high-quality cutlery or crockery set.

Personalised Coffee Mugs or Tea Sets

Couples that love the finer things in life like a good cup of coffee or tea in the morning and who love quirky and unique mugs, will love this idea. There are hundreds of different varieties of personalised mugs. Some are quirky, some can be sentimental and romantic. If you know they love a good pun, you can usually find a lot

Tailor-made Cheese Board

For a couple of cheese lovers, you could invest in a nice and high-quality cheeseboard and have it personalised with their names on it, or even a poem or something else that suits their personalities.

Whether they love putting on cheese and wine tasting nights or just enjoy a nice Blue Stilton or something smoky, they will appreciate the sentiment. The practical side of the gift plus the personalised side make it ideal for the loving couple.

Wedding Gift Basket

After the big day has been and past and their honeymoon is heading into the history books you could help them to keep those memories alive a bit longer with a wedding gift basket. While they come down from the elation of the big day and as they settle into everyday life, a gift basket with either edible or smelly treats can be a great way for them to still find time to enjoy mini celebrations about their shared milestone.

Wedding gifts, as we hope you’ve seen, don’t need to be the same tired old ideas that every opts for because they can’t be bothered thinking of something original. There are plenty of options out there for truly unique gifts that the couple-to-be will love and appreciate.