Month: February 2018

4 Survival Tips for a Summer Wedding Held Outdoors

If you are in the process of planning a summer wedding, then there are many benefits to holding your ceremony outdoors. Firstly, an outdoor wedding can be a far cheaper option than budgeting for an expensive venue, and there are several different options to choose from – a beach, field, park, or even your own back garden! Outdoor weddings in the summer time will also mean a stunning backdrop for all your wedding photographs from walking down the aisle to the celebrations as the day draws to a close. But, your outdoor wedding will only run smoothly if you take the necessary steps to ensure it’s a wonderful day for everybody. Read on for our top survival tips if you plan to get married outdoors!

Tip #1. Cater for the Essentials:

It’s important to remember that getting married outdoors is often a lot more basic than tying the knot in …