Month: November 2017

Documentary Wedding Photography – A must for big budget weddings

Castle Wedding

  • Don’t Settle for Anything Less than the Best When it Comes to Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is one of the biggest celebrations of your life. You’ve found the perfect partner, picked a gorgeous venue, and selected some tasty food. The only thing left is to actually get married!

Photography is a must-have for nearly every couple, but many couples don’t spend enough time thinking about what they want out of a photographer. While you almost certainly want to have an album of photos to look through years down the line, you want those photos to be high-quality pieces of art, not A4 printouts of snapshot your cousin took on their phone!

  • Capturing Every Moment

A documentary photographer for you wedding will capture every important moment. You might not think that the simple things are worth capturing – that slice of pizza you grabbed for a quick snack while getting …

Why You Need the Seven Agency in the Organization of Wedding Ceremonies in Bali

If you have newly wedded, one of the best places you can visit for your honeymoon in Bali. It is regarded as a paradise for newlyweds because of the best experience. Bali is not just an excellent place for your romance activities, but it is also a place that is surrounded by mysticism and spirituality. You will have the experience of beautiful beaches, and you can also take a walk on the sloppy mountains making you have the best experience when it comes to the enjoyment of your honeymoon. As a couple, you will be free to take strolls on the stunning beaches, and you can take beautiful pictures as you do so. Something that cannot be overlooked is the culture of the surrounding. You will have a unique experience that you have not experienced before hence Bali remains the perfect place for those who want to enjoy their honeymoon …