Month: June 2017

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bridal Hair Extensions

If you’re considering getting extensions just for your wedding day, then you may want to try temporary methods for adding hair. Bonding is temporary but involves applying a special glue to your hair.

Another thing to consider is the test run: every bride wants the security of a test run before her big day. You won’t want to wait until right before your wedding to do the bonding; what if it doesn’t look right? But if you did your test run a month or two before, then you’d have to cover the cost — and possible damage — of putting them in, taking them out, putting them in.

Bridal hair extensions DOs

DO find multicolour extensions, not hair that’s one solid shade. Find an extension brand that offers multi-level colouration like —this means that each shade features seven to 11 different colours, which are hand-blended to look totally natural, …

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Tips On How to Potty Train Kids

The truth is that potty training is a major accomplishment in early childhood, and before the child can master it they have to be emotionally and biologically ready for it and different children are ready at different ages, and the timing is not related to their intelligence, motivation or personality. Potty training involves combining a set of individual skills in a particular order like being able to understand the signs that the body is giving the child, undressing, exercising some control over the bladder and bowels and washing their hands. The child must have at least one of these skills mastered before beginning potty training, or it will be a very frustrating process.

The first step is preparation, that involves getting a potty chair because most children feel more secure sitting on the floor as opposed to a potty that sits on top …