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4 Survival Tips for a Summer Wedding Held Outdoors

If you are in the process of planning a summer wedding, then there are many benefits to holding your ceremony outdoors. Firstly, an outdoor wedding can be a far cheaper option than budgeting for an expensive venue, and there are several different options to choose from – a beach, field, park, or even your own back garden! Outdoor weddings in the summer time will also mean a stunning backdrop for all your wedding photographs from walking down the aisle to the celebrations as the day draws to a close. But, your outdoor wedding will only run smoothly if you take the necessary steps to ensure it’s a wonderful day for everybody. Read on for our top survival tips if you plan to get married outdoors!

Tip #1. Cater for the Essentials:

It’s important to remember that getting married outdoors is often a lot more basic than tying the knot in …

How to Plan a Wedding in Thailand

Whether you want a low key and laid back wedding or a large beach wedding where all your whims are catered for, Thailand is perfect for you. There are numerous islands in Thailand where you can find the hospitality you need, including tropical cuisines, and exotic sunset views to die for. The numerous wedding hotels in Bangkok will provide you and your guests with the perfect accommodations. Planning a great wedding away from home does not have to be as expensive and tough as people assume. You just need to know the tips and tricks to use to make your wedding in Thailand successful.

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Know the Seasons

There are three seasons in Thailand.  These seasons vary distinctly from region to region. It is therefore wise to consider the climatic conditions at the time you will be hosting your wedding. Remember that the season you choose will …